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Admissions (Captain appointed by committee)
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Golf Carts (driver's license required)
JBMF Command Post
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Stage Crew Helpers
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Country Open
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Waterfront Vendors

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A signature is required. Please present a signed copy of this application form to the Festival office thirty (30) calendar days before the Festival. Those under 18 years of age will require parent/guardian signature as well. As a volunteer with the James Brown "Soul of America" Music Festival (JBMF), I hereby agree to work under the direction and control of authorized employees of the JBMF. I further agree to follow all guidelines and standards set by the JBMF committee. I realize that an authorized employee may terminate my services without notice. I also acknowledge that the JBMF does not carry disability or worker's compensation benefit insurance coverage for my benefit. By my signature on this application, I authorize the verification of the above information and any other necessary inquires which may be needed to determine my suitability for a volunteer position with the JBMF.

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Whereas I am interested in being considered for a sensitive position of trust and well being of the JBMF participants and I am required by JBMF to disclose whether or not I have any convictions or have been charged under any federal or provincial enactment: And whereas I understand that disclosure of a criminal record may not necessarily preclude me from performing duties/functions/responsibilities I am interested in: And whereas I understand that, if the JBMF should decide any conviction or charge disclosed might preclude me from being involved, I will be given an opportunity to see and discuss that criminal record to determine whether or not my criminal record indicted that I present a risk to participants. I, therefore, authorize the JBMF, other authorized JBMF contractors or Augusta-Richmond County Sherriff Department on my behalf to inquire into and determine whether or not I have a criminal record, and also make to JBMF member a full and complete disclosure of any criminal record they may find. I also make this authorization with the understanding that I may be required to provide my fingerprints to verify a criminal record and the fingerprints will be returned to me when the record is adjudicated.

(Initials) I Consent to the Above Information

I, (name of applicant) authorize the JBMF to collect personal information for the position applied for to verify the character references I have supplied, which may also include a criminal reference check. I understand the information obtained will be confidential but may be shared with relevant organizations in order to obtain an appropriate volunteer position.

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